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Corporation Nothing! What the hell is it? :-)

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    ... And have a lot of fun :)    

The Big Plan:

What we going to do here is the craziest thing in the world. Nobody has done this before :)

Wanna be a part of it?

What is CorporationNothing?

This is a VIRTUAL company but would be REAL in the near future :)
We are going to create the largest corporation in the world! The company which does absolutely nothing.

Why are we doing this?

First, to prove that nowadays corporations are crap. They are too big, not well managed, people who should enjoy working suffer there. Why not create ideal corporate world with lots of fun, no pressure, without stupid procedures and processes?

Why else?

Because we want to have fun! It's funny! And its also smart! You can learn how to build and manage your own structures! You can be whoever you want to and create whatever you want to! It's your corporate lab. Be a manager, be even a vice president! Hire & Fire :-)

Imagine giving someone your CorporationNothing business card with your name and position of vice president :) it's funny!
Your role starts here. Join us, create your own job postings, tell your friends and grow your structures!

But that's not all - when you join us and start growing your structure you get one virtual share for each person in your structure! For example you have two employees who directly report to you - you get 2 virtual shares for them, two for you. Let's assume they hired another 2 - you get four virtual shares - two for you and two virtual shares each of them. It's cascading down and it's fair. Always one share to manager for employee plus one to employee.
You can do whatever you want with your shares. Sell them, keep them, burn them ;-)

On the top of that we are planning other nice and funny things. We really want to be community of people who share the same approach to traditional corporations which is more less saying that they could be improved ;-) We would love to make our logo visible and maybe when you get to your 'normal' office one day you will see some colleague wearing CorporationNothing T-shirt and you will feel happy you're a part of it as well!

So, what you say?
Like it?

Join us then! Apply for a suitable position in career section, start building your own branch within CorporationNothing and have a lot of fun!

Life is nice, let's finally enjoy it!

    ... And have a lot of fun :)    

See how we are performing so far:

2024-7-23Number of employees on board:62We completed: 0.006%
We still need to hire: 999938 people.
Total number of recruitments:38
Number of recruitments waiting for approval:2
Number of applications:1079
Number of applications per one job offer:29.97

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CorpNothing's Never Get Old

They joined us and are happy:

Director of useless reorganizations

Why joined?

Because i like "bigos"

Vice President, Head of New Business

Why joined?

Doing nothing is more practical than doing something - you can easier verify if you succeeded :-)

Senior Director of Twisted Regulations

Why joined?

I believe in myself and I ąm looking for more possibility to sleep well. I was recognized as one of the best sleeping persons in my department. However I felt that I could advance my carrer more if I pursued other opportunities. A position with your team will give me the opportunity to do good mess and grow that my last job just wouldn't. I would be happy to be there!

Innovation, New Technology Director

Why joined?

I am 28 years old and this is the first job in my life - I think this fact proves that I love doing nothing :)

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